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green rug cleaning New York

In the carpet and rug cleaning industry, terms such as "organic", "green", and "natural" can be misleading. We want our customers to know, we don't use any cleaning product that contain unidentified chemicals, and rely solely on true green rug cleaning products that are certified safe and organic. For a true green carpet cleaning NYC company, ask questions and be safe.

Unsafe Cleaning: Example

While we advertise green cleaning methods, we caution all consumers to be aware that green cleaning does not always translate to safe cleaning. In fact, "green" and "naturally derived" chemicals can be just as dangerous as the substances they were created to replace.

For those interested in understanding how unscrupulous companies are taking advantage of the scientific meaning of terms like "natural" or "organic", a great deal of information can be learned by examining the current "organic" trends in the cosmetic industry.

It is a recent phenomenon that Chemicals such as Cocamide DEA or Sodium Hydroxysultaine can be found in a new generation of cosmetic products followed by the words "derived from plant-based oil". Like us, you would probably assume that this plant-based emulsifying ingredient is much safer than its synthetic counterpart. Of course, it's not, and many of these companies are mis-leading us, the consumer, to believe it is natural, benign and safe. However, the process to make these "natural" chemicals can be just as harmful, and the end product is a skin irritant, just like the emulsifying agent it has replaced.

In fact, many consumers are surprised to learn that many cleaning companies have no idea what chemicals they use to service your rug or carpet. And many of the largest cleaning companies that use the most common cleaning products, e.g. Teflon and Scotchgard, are utilizing substances that have been shown to be toxic. These chemicals are considered harmful by many leading professionals, and even banned by various countries in the EU, so we don't want our employees exposed to them, never mind our dedicated customers.

Green Rug Cleaning

green rug cleaning nyc

Unsafe chemicals are commonly used in rug and carpet cleaning products simply because they require much less work to remove stains.

While truly "green", toxic-free, safe cleansers are not uncommon, they are not commonly the choice of cleaning companies that are trying to process carpets or rugs as fast as possible. You see, many spot removal chemicals were created to remove stains without water or agitation. Basically, many companies use harsh chemicals because it reduces the need for time-intensive hand cleaning (a process that can take hours when done properly).

It's admittedly true that our green organic rug cleaning substances don't foam as well, remove spots as easily, or chemically react like traditional more toxic cleansers, but this is not always a bad thing. In fact, synthetic rugs and carpets release toxic fumes if exposed to harsh cleansers, while handmade rugs are just too delicate to withstand them without decreasing their life expectancy. Therefore, organic ph balanced cleansers take a lot more work to rejuvenate a carpet or rug, but the result is highly preferable to the faster harsher techniques commonly utilized.

We want our customers to know that we take all the precautions necessary to ensure the safest organic cleaning possible. From children to small pets, we guarantee the safest possible cleaning available.

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Green Rug Cleaning

All of our cleaning methods are 100% certified green organic!

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This is one of the only cleaning companies I could find that actually uses organically derived cleansers. It's sad but true that so many companies are lying about being green. I had 3 "organic" companies come to my house and had to send the first 2 away because they were using toxic chemicals! In any event, B&Y did a great job, but they also use organic, and for this reason alone they have won over all of my cleaning business from now on.

Stephanie C.
Newark, New Jersey

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