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rug cleaning options

We offer 2 different rug cleaning services, pick up rug cleaning (your rug is cleaned at our facility) and in-home rug cleaning (your rug is serviced at your home).

At B&Y rug cleaning, we are passionate about rugs and want our customers to make the right cleaning decision. For most rugs, we highly recommend allowing us to properly service it in our cleaning facility (pickup rug cleaning). With the best state-of-the-art rug cleaning equipment, our facility rug cleaning process is second to none; and we want all of our customers to get the best possible care. Below, you will find information regarding why our pick-up cleaning is superior to any in-home cleaning service.

However, we understand that some customers simply need their rug to be cleaned at their home. For this reason, we offer an affordable in-home rug cleaning service too. While our in-home service simply can't match the thoroughness of our pick up service, it is a great alternative for synthetic rugs, or rugs that cannot be taken to our rug cleaning facility. For a comprehensive area rug cleaning service, call us for more information.

Rug Cleaning Methods

Most rugs fall into two major groups, fine rugs (handmade, antique, Oriental, Persian, Wool, silk), and inexpensive synthetic rugs (Derclon, polypropylene, and other synthetic blends/materials). The recommended cleaning process that we use depends heavily on your rug type: premium rugs should almost exclusively be cleaned using our pickup service; while synthetic rugs are able to be cleaned in-home.

One of the most important rules of fine rug cleaning is not having your rug cleaned in your home. While in-home rug cleaning is perfectly acceptable for some industrially manufactured synthetic rugs, it is not acceptable for handmade antique rugs, such as Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, or Turkish rugs. If you would like to have a common area rug cleaned in-home, we will gladly service it at your residence if it can not be done at our facility.

Home Rug Cleaning Problems

Due to a lack of knowledge and specialization, many carpet cleaning companies that also service rugs do so using techniques that are really only intended for synthetic carpets. Foam, Bonnet, Shampoo, Steam, and Dry cleaning techniques were never intended to be used on fine rugs, and even some synthetic rugs, and the damage can be severe.

Rug Damages

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In-home rug cleaning, using improper carpet cleaning techniques, can cause varying damages on a fine rug, but the most common issues are:

  • Heat Damage: properly functioning truck mount carpet cleaning systems run in excess of 240° F; not only is this temperature too harsh on the rug fiber (causing rug shrinkage), but many rug dyes break down at this temperature and begin to bleed.
  • Color Bleeding: Carpet cleaning detergents can also cause color bleeding; but the problem is delayed. Since detergents cannot be rinsed out properly, these harsh surfactants saturate the carpet fiber. The next time the rug is serviced, the colors will begin to bleed immediately upon contact with water. Unfortunately, many people don't even know their rug has been damaged until a second cleaning has been performed months, or even years, later.
  • Distortion: Since in-home cleaning companies leave the rug to dry on your floor, the only in-home option, the rug pile distorts. A rug is a complex and intricate system of intertwined fibers, without an industrial drying machine, your rug will likely distort as it dries.
  • Environmental Damages: Hardwood flooring prevents us from properly extracting the dirt from your rug. Dry dusting and rinsing techniques cannot be carried out when we have to protect and ensure your hardwood flooring is not harmed. Even when we use layers of protective mats, they will not protect your floor against high-pressure air dusting or water rinsing.

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Organic Rug Cleaning

All of our cleaning methods are 100% certified organic!

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You guys did a great job and I just wanted to write and let you know how great our technician Fred was. He helped us move furniture when he picked up the rug, and even help rearrange the room again when he dropped it off. If all of your technicians are one iota as helpful as Fred, you guys must be doing something right, and I commend you. Again, I will spread the word and thank you for your knowledgeable and helpful employees.

Anthony F
Queens, New York City

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