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Welcome to B&Y Rug Cleaning of NYC. If you have a dirty Oriental rug, a damaged antique rug, or even a carpet that needs cleaning we can help. We are passionate about rugs and we're passionate about offering the best, hassle-free rug cleaning service in NYC.

By pairing the most current cleaning technology with our old-world traditional approach, we care for your rug the proper way; without resorting to toxic chemicals or inadequate cleaning methods. With B&Y you can rest assured; our green rug cleaning services are entirely organic and safe.

So, for any of your rug cleaning and rug repair needs, give us a call. Our service is fast, our technicians are friendly, and we guarantee the most satisfactory rug cleaning service in Manhattan and all of NYC.

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Rug Cleaning Service (pick-up)

With our expert rug cleaning service, we will pick up your rug and deliver it looking like new before you even have a chance to notice it's gone. Our technicians will gladly move furniture, package the rug, and deliver it to our rug cleaning facility; where we use the most current rug cleaning machines available. When your rug is returned, it will be clean, fresh, and ready for use; in fact, we'll even help you move it right back to where we found it.

Rug Cleaning Service (on-site)

While our technicians are more than happy to extract and package your rug for cleaning, we understand that not all rugs can be moved. If you need your rug cleaned fast, if your rug can't be moved, or if you just need to have a basic synthetic rug cleaned, we will gladly do it on the spot. With our on-site home rug cleaning, we will take our equipment to you. And while our onsite service is not recommended for antique or handmade rug types, it is an organic cleaning that is perfectly suitable for various rugs.

Rug Repair

With over 35 years of collective experience, our rug cleaning specialists use traditional techniques to repair your rug. Our rug repair service is a personalized approach that takes into account your rug type, fabric, and even the weave used to create it. With our rug repairs, our number one priority is to keep the integrity of your rug without diminishing its historical or monetary value.

Carpet Cleaning

While we specialize in rug cleaning and rug restoration, we also service carpets at a very competitive price. Like our rug cleaning services, we only use green cleansers and we're very proud to say that we personally investigate and even make many of our green cleaning products.

Why Choose Us?

rug cleaners nyc

With years of experience and a huge inventory of rug cleaning machinery and tools, we have the resources and knowledge to offer the best rug cleaning services in New York.

But in addition, we believe our focus on providing a hassle-free service accounts for our many satisfied and returning customers. We appreciate your business and guarantee that you will be satisfied; given the chance, we're sure you will agree that our service is a great value at a great price.

  • We're open 24-7, so if you would like weekend service, or even a late-night appointment, it's no additional cost and we're happy to accommodate your schedule.
  • Our technicians are certified professionals that are trained to make sure you are satisfied.
  • Our rug repair specialists have over 35 years of collective experience, making them some of the most knowledgeable rug craftsmen in the NYC area.
  • Our cleansers and methods are organic, not only because these ph balanced solutions better preserve your rug, but because they are safe for children, pets, and the environment.
  • We strive to offer the most hassle-free service around, if you need personalized service or have any requests, we're always happy to oblige.
  • We offer quick price estimates, so call today for a quick phone estimate, or use our price estimation form located on the contact us page.
  • We also offer on-site price estimates; so if you need more information about our cleaning processes, or want an in person estimate, give us a call. It's completely obligation-free, so there's nothing to lose.
  • We are serious about offering all of our customers the highest-quality organic rug cleaning. To do this, we try to keep our prices as low as possible. For organic cleaning, or even traditional cleaning methods, our prices are very competitive and represent an unbeatable value.

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Green Rug Cleaning NYC

All of our cleaning methods are 100% certified green!

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Due to heavy rains our house and rugs were almost lost to water damage and then pervasive mold growth. While the house was my main concern, I could not give up on our antique rugs, and called more than several rug cleaning services in the NYC area. B&Y was the ONLY cleaning company that would come out immediately, and for this service I thought I would be paying through the nose. But that just wasn't the case. Maybe it was my family's dire circumstances or my exhausted appearance, but our technician took pity on us in the form of a discounted price. If anyone reads this review, please know that B&Y are good people and their gesture of goodwill has not been forgotten.

My rugs were cleaned at my house, then taken in for repairs, and returned looking better than I have ever seen them. In all honesty I'm just not sure I would have had the energy to save our rugs had I not found them, so they really came through for me.

B&Y, it's not much, but this review is just a small thank you so please post it on your website if you think it will help you reach out to more customers. Once again, thank you for a great service.

Howard T.
Brooklyn, New York City
Service: Rug Cleaning New York

I had a great experience with their rug cleaning service and would highly recommend them. The technicians are very helpful and even helped me with getting my rug out from under my furniture. They also offer very fair pricing for their rug cleaning service.

Bob W.
Manhattan, NYC
Service: Rug Cleaning NYC

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We provide Rug Cleaning to residents of NYC, and B&Y Rug Cleaning specializes in all facets of Rug Restoration, Rug Cleaning Services, and Area Rug Cleaning using 100% Organic Cleansers.

If you're looking to restore a hierloom rug, or if you're simply looking to have your area rugs cleaned, give us a call today for a competitively priced quote.

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Call us today for a Free Rug Cleaning Estimate. Or, if you would like to learn more about our rug cleaning and repair methods, we will gladly provide an obligation free in-home consultation.

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